Identifiering av trollsländor är svårt. Jag gör mitt bästa men det är inte säkert jag har rätt.
To ID dragonflies is hard. I do my best but I might get it wrong. So, don´t take my word for it.


Vassmosaikslända - Aeshna osiliensis - Baltic Hawker

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Vassmosaikslända - Aeshna osiliensis, male
NF Photo 130910 lilla duvesjön

This one looks rather warn out so maybe that is why I could catch it on the tree. Probably at the end of it´s season. A new species for me. :)

Om Vassmosaikslända på wiki
About Aeshna serrata on Dragonflypix

NF Winged 101
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MitchyLR said...

Another great dragonfly shot!!

eileeninmd said...

You are getting some great dragonfly shots!

Gemma Wiseman said...

The double wings are fascinating.

Gunilla Bäck said...

Vacker är den i alla fall.

NatureFootstep said...


Nancy said...

Beautiful color~

Noushka said...

That is one aeshna I have never seen!

Jarek said...

Great shot. I like it